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Air Conditioning Service

With New England Summers reaching the high 90's the weather gets hot outside. Your Air Conditioning system needs to be sure it stays cool and comfortable inside your car. You want to know that with merely a flick of a switch, cool, refreshing air is on its way.

Thatís why your trained and certified Jim and Sons Auto Repair Tech is an expert when it comes to auto air conditioning. With years of experience servicing most cars, SUVs and light trucks, foreign or domestic.

We will do a performance check that looks for loose belts and any improper AC operation. Your Jim and Sons Auto Repair Tech will also use a dye injection leak test to find any leaks in your AC unit, and if needed, evacuate and recharge your auto air conditioning system.

For expert air conditioning repair. Dont despair. Call Jim and Sons Auto Repair! We will have your A/c working like the car was brand new